Presentation of Terra Marina

About Terra Marine

Terra-Marine was established by Pavlos Sotiropoulos and Spyros Maroulakis. The company is registered in Greece and operates both locally and internationally. Terra-Marine is a consulting geologist firm specializing in Environmental & Geotechnical applications, Exploration & Mining, applied Hydrographic and Marine applications, Archaeological studies and Non Destructive testing in constructions. Terra-Marine has been involved in large scale project i.e. the Seismic Hazard evaluation & the active faults mapping along the Trans Adriatic Pipeline for TAP, Seismic & Bathymetry study in Limassol Marina for the Cybarco Ltd etc.

Terra Marine is, also, official distributor of Guideline Geo and Geotomographie GmbH for the territory of Greece and Cyprus.

Solutions & Application Areas

Civil & Structural Engineering
Environmental & Geotechnical
Archaeological - Archaeometric Surveys
Marine & Hydrographic
Renewable Energy / Gas-Oil Pipes

Company presentation